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For educational purposes
- We are first of its kind in SW Florida
We are dedicated to the Preservation of Representational Art and Fine Art Education
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On 12-7-2012, a few members of PFPS attended a drawing session guided by portrait and figure 'Teacher of the Year 2012-2013 - 'Ted de Clercq'. It was hosted by Mrs. Irma Gilgore at her museum of 19th century Italian art in Naples, FL. It is a grand, elegant, contemporary museum where we experienced the great arts of European grand masters, e.g. Mancini, Gemito, Rodin, and many more. It was a wonderful event.  R



Open fine art session at Robb & Stucky International in 2012


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To promote, stimulate and foster creative fine art painting in various
Media and styles. To encourage and promote fine portrait and figure
artists, teachers, students, our communities - national and international,
in their professional growth and success.

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