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- We are first of its kind in SW Florida
We are dedicated to the Preservation of Representational Art and Fine Art Education
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We recognize good Service, Professionalism, Respect, Trust, Absolute Fairness,

Integrity, Honesty, Positivity, Teamwork, and Promote Talent & Excellence.

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We never ever discriminate against anyone!

  We are an equal opportunity employer.



Organization History and Purpose


The Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc., also known as 'PFPS' was created in October 2007 by President and Founder Renate M Reuter of Ft. Myers. Our organization contributes to our communities, at large through educationsand studies for students, aspiring and professional fine artists, the general public, and all economic groups. We try to build bridges between communities, generations, and nationalities.  

Renate experienced and felt that there was a tremendous lack of classes for portrait and figures for the SW Florida area. There was a positive need for that especially the fine art for portrait and figure paintings and their surroundings.

Through her own experience, Renate felt there was a great need for good classes in portrait and figures in the SW Florida area.  

The Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida Inc. fills this need and has been officially documented with the State of Florida and the IRS since October 31, 2007.    It obtained its 501c3 Status in early 2009.

Renate M Reuter comes from an extensive corporate background. She has been living in Fort Myers since 2002, and is a fine artist in her own right(s). She has been a member of many art leagues/organizations, has visited many art galleries and museums in various cities in Lee and Collier Counties, Port Charlotte, as well as out of state, and has taken art classes and some workshops. She is a member of the Smithsonian Institute, Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, American Artists, the National Organization for Oil and Acrylic Painters,

and various other fine art organizations.

Some Noted Results:

  • We have been able to award 2 scholarships and 2 contributions to artists attending portrait and figure fine art conventions in 2011. We are looking forward and hoping to repeat it in the future and award more scholarships for deserving art students.
  • We definitely made a tremendous impact and contributed to the awareness of the portrait and figure fine art in all our areas. We have members from various US states and other countries, e.g. Canada, Germany, France, and England so far.
  • Now many art organizations have increased their programs for portrait and figures.
  • We are now working to increase the opportunities for the fine arts here in SW Florida and hope that many high schools will continue to add pertinent classes to their curriculum, e.g. The Academical and Classical Art which we already practice.
  • We are advocates for the fine arts and implement and promote also the fine art of the ‘Old Masters and their techniques.
  • We gave several workshops and demos with well known artists, e.g. Steven Assael, Robert Liberace, Charles Miano, Douglas Flynt, Neil Walling, and Greg Biolchini.
  • We try to hold our open fine art sessions for members, for the public, all non-members, to sessions in their neighborhoods whenever feasible.
  • We mentor special aspiring artists if wanted or needed.
  • We have maintained our 501c3 non-profit status.
  • We will celebrate our Seventh Anniversary at the end of October 2014.
  • We continue to grow by setting a good example.
  • Our Website: has been open since March 2010 and has over several thousand hits.
  • We have or find instructors for teaching the fine arts and assist in development of individual artists and students.
  • We are available 24/7.
  • We try to designate monthly an ‘Artist of the Month’ and choose yearly a ‘Teacher of the Year.’
  • We are always looking for new talents for the fine arts.



Our Mission Statement

  • To foster and enhance and upgrade aesthetics, culture, and technical knowledge of fine art portraiture and figurative work by instilling individuals with feeling of self-worth, positive attitudes, new possibilities, and help coping with change and caring. We like to support this with scholarship programs for deserving and talented aspiring artists, affordable training and study opportunities assisted or provided, by this organization if financially feasible.

    We'll be celebrating our 7th Anniversary in October 2014...... and we continue to grow successfully.

Re: Exhibitions - Noted Results:

  • We had the following exhibitions at Commissioner Tammy Hall's office in Ft Myers
  • 1) 'Faces of Floridians - October 30 through December 3, 2012
  • 2) Exhibition at the 125th Lee County Anniversary - December 3, 2012 through January 11, 2013.
  • Note: 1) & 2) shows depicted present and historical figures of which some were especially

created for this purpose


  • 3) our show 'American Native Indian' (October 21 through and of November 2013) was cancelled due to the Commissioner's sudden resignation - All art programs were cancelled.

However, we are looking for another venue and the participation of others to hold this exhibition.

  • 4) Our exhibition 'Artist's Choice' was completed end of March 2014 at the

beautiful Cape Coral Library on Mohawk Street.

  • 5) Our next exhibition 'Prominent People' is set for March 2015 at the

beautiful Cape Coral Library on Mohawk Street.


All Artists, Public & Visitors were invited to:

  • the Portrait Society of America 's Florida Ambassador of Florida, Kerry Vosler' free

'Meet and Greet' for us and all public - adults and youth - in Fort Myers and in which we much assisted.

  • We also sponsored great Master Steven Assael to give a free several hours demo for all artists and public on March 3, and a very educational workshop at CPC in Ft. Myers
  • We give open fine art sessions to all public and visitors whenever a place for is available.
  • We hope to return to Robb & Stucky International or equivalent place when feasible again. 
  • We always refer contacting artists to our surrounding art organizations, galleries and callers for art contacts, workshops and sessions with real models.
  • We hold most meetings to which the public is invited.
  • We constantly look for talented unique talents.
  • We definitely helped our communities to increase their revenues with our activities.
  • We have been able to award 2 scholarships  and 2 contributions to artists attending art conventions

in 2011. We area hoping to repeat it  when affordable.

  • We definitely make a tremendous impact and contributed to the awareness of the portrait and figure

fine art in all our areas - national and international.

  • Many art organizations now have increased their arts for portrait and figures activities.
  • We are working on to increase the culture for the fine arts here in SW Florida and hope that many higher schools will add pertinent classes and degrees to their curriculum.
  • We obtained and maintained our 501c3 non-profit status.
  • Our basic Website: has been open since March 2010.
  • We have teachers teaching the fine arts and assist in your development.


Included in our Future Plans:

  • Perhaps with the assistance of  sponsors and dedicated members, we are going forwards with the hope to have our own building and to implement all our plans sooner to benefit our areas and the fine art development.


Our Vision is to Have:

Our permanent location, whether leased, purchased or built should have space for the following:

A large classroom for teaching the fine arts

  • A large gallery for revolving public exhibitions for members and talented students. A convenient location near a major highway is preferred if possible.

Our Referral Program should also have a central location to display a portfolio containing examples of work from our Juried and above status members.

  • A resource library to house our extensive collection of books and videos, as well as archiving a slide library of previous exhibitions, the entire collection of Educational Books and our Permanent Historical Records.

  • A large open area (enough to seat at least 150 plus guests) for demonstrations, meetings, workshops, lectures, sketch groups and various classes. One should be large enough to hold exhibitions and events.

  • One or two offices for administrative needs, and storage for all our property such as the projector, easels, promotional materials, etc.

  • And best of all, a place where good members can go to be surrounded by fellow portrait painters.

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To promote, stimulate and foster creative fine art painting in various
Media and styles. To encourage and promote fine portrait and figure
artists, teachers, students, our communities - national and international,
in their professional growth and success.

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