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 Published 8-5-2014


I n v i t a t i o n – to our Exhibition

‘Prominent People’

Location: The Cape Coral-Lee County Public Library (below)

Event is Sponsored by the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc.

and the Friends of the Cape Coral LibraryLibrary Address:  921 SW 39th Terrace (at SW 9th Ct) , Cape Coral, FL 33914

(Take Cape Coral Pkwy., go north on Skyline Blvd., go west on Mohawk, take first right onto 9th Ct.)

Renate M Reuter Photo of Cape Coral Library2.jpgCC Library-entrance-left side gallery cove.jpgCC Library-with lockable show cases.jpg

                                                 CC Library Exterior                      Library gallery left cove      Several locked show cases both sides  for

                                                                                                                                                          3D up to 2’, statues, crafts, jewelry, pottery,

                                                                                                                                                          hand-made/crafted goods



Nadi from old website-resized.jpg, doc.jpgRenate M Reuter - Monica Rahman headshot.jpg

Renate M Reuter

President, PFPS, Artist


Monica Rahman

Friends of CC Library


Any sales of artwork exhibited in this show will go through Renate Reuter.  The   artists are asked to donate 10% of the proceeds they receive from any sale resulting from this exhibit to the Figure and Portrait Painters Society of SW Florida.

T h e m e:


Month of March 2015

Exhibit Duration: March 2 through March 30, 2015

Receiving:  3-2-15 at 9:00 AM-11:00 AM      Reception:  TBA      Pickup:  3-31-15 at 9:00 AM:11:00 AM

Contact:  Renate M Reuter  Tel.: 239-481-2081 (not the Library)

To:              All CALL’ Artists, Public, Teachers, Students, Honoraries

From:         Renate M Reuter, President of PFPS

  •        What:    Original Paintings from All artists’ collections, call 239-481-2081.

Fact:            All are original creations, hand-selected and executed without any mechanical devices. No Copies.

Note:            Paintings/Drawings must be ready to hang upon receiving (framed or gallery wrapped with wire on back).

    • Write a little info on the subject person you choose and a short bio together with a photo of yourself.
    • Send copy of your paintings, size, medium, $,  to Renate via: nadi@nadifineart.com.

Come to:     Event sponsored by the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc. and the Friends of CC Library.

          Become a Member of the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc. for $30 a year.

Signed by:   Renate M Reuter, President , PFPS                                                                     Donations are welcome

                                  Renate M Reuter, PFPS


Please see above Flier terms.


TO:   All artists who like to participate in our show, as of  immediately-

         please send via email to nadi@nadifineart.com the following:

  1. Your Name etc.
  2. Title and photo of your painting and short story who this person is what he/her is prominent/known for
  3. Size. Large paintings are welcome
  4. medium (all medium are accepted)
  5. US $ - How much it costs or 'NFS' if not for sale
  6. a photo of you
  7. and a short bio of you

  8. Reason why 'starting as of immediately: 'to get count on how many participants we have and roasters ready.'



  • Please submit a photo via email of all the paintings of the prominent people you have for us to choose from.
  • Age of painting does not matter but it must be in a clean presentable condition.
  • Do not use 'Giglees (copies of original) except for if original is at a museum.
  • Paintings should be framed or in a gallery wrap to be accepted.
  • The Library has several locked show cases for 3D art, crafts, jewelry, statues up to 2'.
  • Security is on site daily.
  • Honorary Members of the CC Art League are welcome.



Renate (Nadi) & Monica



















Click to E-Mail: nadi@nadifineart.com
To promote, stimulate and foster creative fine art painting in various
Media and styles. To encourage and promote fine portrait and figure
artists, teachers, students, our communities - national and international,
in their professional growth and success.

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