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For educational purposes
- We are first of its kind in SW Florida
We are dedicated to the Preservation of Representational Art and Fine Art Education
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Please donate to:

Please call: 239-481-2081 regarding any information you may need.


Donate via your check made out to PFPS Treasurer

or  NadiReuter

and mail together with filled out form below or

To: Portrait and Figure Organization or 'PFPS'

17545 Butler Road,

Fort Myers, FL 33967



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Please note:

The Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc.  is recognized as a nonprofit organization under Chapter 501(c) 3 and is a non-profit, educational fine art organization which means your contribution is deductible as a charitable contribution on your tax return.  Your donation, added to those of other loyal supporters, will continue to build a bridge capable of carrying us for many more years.

Private and corporate support is integral to the success of The Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc. Your donation helps to ensure our mission. Gifts and bequests are tax-deductible. You may inform your accountant.


Renate M Reuter

President and Founder


Dear Sponsor, Dear Member

As President of the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, I would like to introduce you to our organization.
We formed the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc. to encourage and promote our artists. teachers and students of all ages. We develop instructive programs and activities with exhibits and opportunities for the standard and student artist alike. We procure donated funds for scholarships for students with special artistic talents that may otherwise have no opportunity to develop!

As a non‐profit organization we have some of the areas top artists serving on our advisory board. We have monthly ‘open art sessions’ and demos of art techniques, art talks and provide and workshops with recognized artists as a fraction of the normal cost for our areas/communities.

We ask you to join us with our up coming projects and programs to offer scholarships and/or pertinent means for the deserving students. Help us find and develop those rare talents. Your support is vital of our success and is greatly appreciated.

Your financial support, e.g. membership fees, donations, etc. will be tax deductible. Please have your accountant advise you on this. Contributions will be recognized from us, area news articles and this new website with your permission. You will find updated information on this website:

You may contact me at any time if you have any questions via telephone at 239-481-2081 or via e-mail:

I'd like to thank you personally for your good deed!

Renate M Reuter
Founder & President


OUR OWN PLACE - Location Project

We need our Own Home

The Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc, with a membership of nearly 90, is dedicated to the preservation and education of the fine art of portraiture through educational opportunities for both our members and the public.

As an all-volunteer maintained organization, we depend upon the generosity of our membership in every capacity. To provide greater opportunities for our membership and the community, maintains this informative website as well as coordinating portrait workshops and educational programs with nationally known portrait and figure painters/artists.

The Society's efforts are not limited to benefiting our members alone. We have recently increased focus on our Education Committee to provide workshops and scholarship opportunities to high school students and talented deserving artists who are seriously interested in the arts. With recent cutbacks in educational funds, these members, teachers and students will strongly benefit from our programs. Also, the public is invited to visit our exhibitions, workshops, public demonstrations and educational programs.

We are a nonprofit organization under Chapter 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. With the help of contributions from individuals, organizations, corporations and our dedication for the Preservation of Representational Fine Art and Fine Art and its Education - Please Support the Movement!


Our Vision

To have our own permanent location, whether leased, purchased or built should have space for the following:

* A large gallery for revolving public exhibitions for members and talented students. Our Referral Program will also have a central location to display a portfolio containing examples of work from our Juried and above status members.

* A resource library to house our extensive collection of books and videos and historical accumulations.

* A large open area (enough to seat at least 150 guests) for demonstrations, meetings, workshops, lectures, sketch groups and various classes.

* One or two offices for administrative needs, and storage for all our property such as the projector, easels, promotional materials, etc.

* And best of all, a place where members can go to be surrounded by fellow portrait painters, teachers and students.

Thank you for your support!


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To promote, stimulate and foster creative fine art painting in various
Media and styles. To encourage and promote fine portrait and figure
artists, teachers, students, our communities - national and international,
in their professional growth and success.

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